Peter Noel was born in Hungary, as the third child of teachers. Although, Peter’s three novels have already been published in Hungary, ‘129’ is his first feature film as writer, director, and producer. The book adaptation of the film is planned to be released on the day of the film premier, 2020.
He wants to shoot stories that encourage the audience to think further, and will motivate them to watch it again. As a sci-fi, ‘129’ is rich in spectacular visual effects, however, it was a prior perspective to keep them in balance with human aspects and dramatic situations. He believes that the most valuable movies and stories are the ones that are being watched over and over again and yet, there is always something to discover.
He has twenty feature film scripts already written, and he writes unique way, and sheds fresh light in every genre and tells the stories in an authentic way. His goal was to be an excellent screenwriter and to be at the forefront of the international level. His results show that he is on the right way.


The story of ‘129’ is divided into two action threads. The first one is played somewhere in Europe, the other takes place in Budapest in 2063. In some further scenes, ten additional countries also appear. In the future we see flying cars and drones everywhere. Medrocorp British Research and Development Company is expanding its influence on the whole world, and they are observing people. They possess significant biological and technical developments, such as cloned arms, bones, organs, robots, flying cars and drones.

Jön a reggel – clip

Balkan Fanatik – Fluor Tomi: Csibész dal – clip

Mahó Andrea
Várj még- clip

PJZ – Vár egy érintés
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Balkan Fanatik – Rajkó zenekar:
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International awards and results

Peter is the first Hungarian writer to achieve these results with his feature srcipts!

Your Script Produced International Script Competition, 2019.

TOP50, Finalist. 
Peter Noel: Dea (Drama, Thriller)

Cinequest Screenplay Competition, California, San José, 2020.

TOP50, Semi-finalist with two scripts. 
Peter Noel: The Wardrobe (Drama, War, History) Peter Noel: Artilia (Animation, Adventure, Comedy) 
TOP10, Finalist. 
Peter Noel: The Wardrobe (Drama, War, History)  

Big Apple Film Festival Screenplay Competition, New York, 2020.

TOP50, Semi-finalist. 
Peter Noel: The Evaulator (Drama)  


Zsolt Erdei
Advertisment Film



Peter Noel: A csontfaragó
mystical thriller
Édesvíz Kiadó 2003

Peter Noel: A hernyó
satire, drama comedy
Édesvíz Kiadó 2003

In preparation

“Peter Noel is always able to renew. It is a brilliant work for people who live either in a good or a bad relationship. It exposes our faults and helps to make better decisions. Peter’s well known sense of humour is fascinating, so you can’t stop reading.”

Actress Gerda Pikali. (in Montecarlo! Paper Dogs, Glass Tiger 3)

“Putting my urgent tasks aside I read the book. You may fancy either The Magic Mountain or Garfield, or the Ulickaja stories but you will surely like this book. It is compelling, almost conversational, enthralling, splitting dimensions. It is about modern emotions. I greatly enjoyed it.”

Singer Peter Müller

“The Reader cannot put down Peter’s book, it is humorous and edifying. I think everybody should read it, teenagers included. It does not promise but gives solutions. It was a surprise! Thank you”

Actress Mária Gór Nagy (directress of the GNM Theatre School)

“If being a man you think you know all about women, and being a woman you think the same about men, you are mistaken. Noel’s stories will prove it to you. It’s a compulsory reading book for everyone. Guaranteed laughs.”

Gabor Lepés, Balkan Fanatik, Ákos Band